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There are few places as rich in landscape and weather diversity as the Isle of Skye in the North West Highlands of Scotland. It really is quite amazing to see how much the Landscape changes throughout the year.

Our front room window in Tarskavaig looks out onto a hill. In winter it is a textured yellow ochre that can soon turn white if the snow comes in. In spring the hill is littered with bluebells and the grasses become greener. By summer it is a rich darker green with clumps of heather gradually coming into glorious purple by late summer. Autumn turns the grasses and ferns a deep orange and so the cycle starts all over again. Depending on the light it can look completely different at different times of the day due to the rich texture of the mosses, ferns, grasses, heather, and rocks.

The textures on the rocks themselves also vary tremendously and makes Skye a paradise for landscape photographers.

Penny, my wife, is contributing some of her close up (macro) images revealing that even in miniature Skye is an amazing place.

May these galleries bless you and fill you with the same positive emotions that Penny and I experienced as we took the shots.

                                                                       Graham McPherson

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